by | May 30, 2024

Revolutionizing ABA Therapy: The No Missing Pieces Journey with Raven

In the realm of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, efficiency is paramount. The ability to streamline processes, accurately collect data, and provide seamless support can significantly impact the quality of care for individuals receiving therapy. In this blog, we delve into the experience of No Missing Pieces, led by COO Jennifer Arredondo, an ABA therapy organization, as they transitioned to using Raven, an ABA data collection platform, and how it revolutionized their operations.

No Missing Pieces, led by COO Jennifer Arredondo and based in Louisiana, is committed to providing high-quality ABA therapy services to their clients. However, like many organizations, they faced challenges with previous data collection platforms, which hindered their efficiency and productivity.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, No Missing Pieces, under the leadership of COO Jennifer Arredondo, explored various ABA data collection platforms. They ultimately chose Raven due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and excellent support system.

No Missing Pieces quickly realized the numerous benefits of using Raven. From streamlined data collection to improved billing processes and enhanced preparation for audits, Raven became an indispensable tool in their arsenal.

One of the standout features of Raven is its efficiency and user-friendliness, appreciated by COO Jennifer Arredondo and her team. The intuitive interface and customizable scheduling options have made supervision sessions more productive and streamlined.

The team lauds Raven’s support team, particularly highlighting the responsiveness and dedication of Miguel Garcia. Their prompt assistance and willingness to resolve issues have further solidified their trust in the platform.

Based on their positive experience, No Missing Pieces wholeheartedly recommends Raven to other ABA therapy organizations. Their overall experience with Raven can be summarized in one word: efficiency.

Raven allows me to easily review session details, including notes and data points, which wasn’t possible with previous platforms we used. With Raven, I can see each data point made within a session, making audits much smoother.

Jennifer Arredondo | COO – No Missing pieces


The journey of No Missing Pieces with Raven exemplifies the transformative impact of leveraging technology in ABA therapy. By prioritizing efficiency, user-friendliness, and robust support, Raven has become an invaluable asset in enhancing the quality of care provided by ABA therapy organizations.

As the demand for ABA therapy continues to grow, embracing innovative solutions like Raven can empower organizations to optimize their operations and ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with autism and related developmental disorders. To embark on a similar journey of transformation, we encourage other ABA service providers to set up a call with Raven Health and unlock the potential for enhanced efficiency and client care.