by | Mar 21, 2023

Transforming value-based care in behavioral health

Raven Health, a behavioral health platform, is well on its way to transform the way healthcare providers and payers collaborate. Our vision is to be the data platform that supports provider-payer value-based care partnerships in behavioral health to improve client outcomes.

Value-based care in behavioral health

Value-based care (VBC) is an approach to healthcare delivery that focuses on achieving better patient outcomes while controlling costs. VBC is an emerging trend in behavioral health. It has the potential to improve access to care, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce overall costs of care.

However, there are several challenges that exist with value-based care in behavioral health, which can limit its effectiveness:

  1. Data standardization and interoperability: The lack of standardized data in behavioral health makes it difficult to assess outcomes and measure quality of care. Behavioral health providers often use different assessment tools, making it difficult to compare outcomes across providers. In addition, interoperability challenges exist as many systems used by behavioral health providers do not integrate with each other.
  2. Limited access to care: Many people with behavioral health conditions, particularly those in underserved populations, do not have access to care. This can result in delayed intervention, which can lead to worse patient outcomes and higher costs.
  3. Provider reimbursement: Historically, behavioral health providers have been reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis, which can incentivize providers to provide more services, rather than focusing on outcomes. VBC models can be complex to implement and require significant investment in infrastructure, which can be a challenge for smaller providers.
  4. Lack of provider collaboration: Behavioral health is often provided by a variety of professionals, including social workers, counselors, behavioral analysts (BCBAs), and psychiatrists. These providers may work in different settings and may not collaborate effectively, leading to fragmentation of care.
  5. Stigma: Stigma surrounding behavioral health can lead to reluctance to seek care and can make it difficult to engage patients in their care. This can result in missed opportunities for early intervention and can lead to higher costs in the long run.
  6. Measurement challenges: It can be difficult to measure outcomes in behavioral health. Behavioral health conditions often have subjective symptoms that can be difficult to quantify, making it difficult to measure progress.

Raven Health supports provider-payer VBC partnerships in behavioral health

Raven Health is a fast-growing, behavioral health platform that supports data collection for modern clinicians. Our mobile-first technology simplifies client sessions by providing reliable and intuitive behavior tracking and reporting.

The platform captures behavioral clinical data at the point of care through an interoperability platform. In real-time, the clinical data is standardized and combined with any other clinical or administrative data. Providers and payers using the Raven Health platform take a more holistic, data-driven approach to care.

Raven Health’s CEO, Richard Wagner states, “We have a big vision: to be the platform to support provider-payer VBC partnerships in behavioral health. We’re already well on our way. Today our platform can serve recommendations to clinicians at the point of programming, enable providers to use payer-specific session note templates, power admin dashboards for payers to support population management, and we’re just getting started. “

Clinicians using the Raven Health platform are able to spend more time with clients and less time burdened with administrative duties.

Intuitive, mobile-first technology: Clinicians are up-and-running with our modern data platform in less than 15 minutes. The sleek user interface is easy to navigate and designed for modern clinicians.

Robust template library: Clinicians gain access to standard treatment plans. They can modify these plans based on the needs of each individual client.

Offline mode: Clinicians working in environments with an unstable internet connection feel secure. They know that their activities will sync when the internet connection is restored.

Reporting and graphing: Clinicians are able to measure client outcomes over time to better understand if their care plans are effective. These reports are securely shared with members of the clients care team.

Raven Health’s platform is game-changer. Providers and payers alike will benefit. We are well on our way of achieving our vision of transforming value-based care in behavioral health.

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